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Homeowners With Wind

Complete Homeowner's Insurance Services

Protect Your Home With the Right Policy

Protect your home and valuables with a quality homeowner's insurance policy. At Poulos Insurance Agency, we understand that your home is a major investment you're going to make in your life.

Whether you're an owner or a renter, homeowner's insurance policy compensates for damage to your home and your belongings inside it. Let our knowledgeable agents create the perfect coverage and protection for you and your family. 

If the policy is well written, it'll provide added security to your investment and protect you from financial losses caused by storm, fire, theft and other events outlined in your policy. It may help prevent you from paying out of pocket if someone is injured in your home.

Named-Perils and All-Risks Policies

As a homeowner, you may elect to get a named-perils policy and only declare coverage against fire, theft and hail, while leaving the earthquake and flooding coverage off the policy.

A named-perils policy will cover only those losses that are particularly mentioned in the contract. An all-risk policy assumes that everything is covered. It works the opposite way and the coverage is much more comprehensive.
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